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Dolphin Discoveries offers unique ocean experiences that will touch your Heart and Live in your memory for a lifetime!! Our Snorkel tours offer snorkeling the two best snorkel sites in Kona, Hawaii! Our Dolphin Swim Adventure takes you out to swim with the beautiful spinner dolphins in their natural environment as they were meant to be.... Wild & Free! (see Dolphin page for more)

Featured on …..” Discovery Channel & the BBC”

This trip was by far the highlight of our vacations.... AMAZING!!"
- Jenine & Eric


Our 3rd year in a row for certificate of excellence with Trip Advisor!



Snorkel Kona Hawaii's most beautiful marine sanctuary, Cook's Monument @ Kealakekua Bay. This pristine reef is only accessable by boat and is rated the #1 snorkel site in Kona, Hawaii. Our AM Kona snorkel tour also includes 2nd snorkel site at the Place of Refuge, and dolphin & whale watching, viewing sea caves and lava tubes on the way to snorkel Kona's marine sanctuary. Click on Snorkel page for details.Relax and snorkel just the one site, Cook's Monument, on the PM snorkel /dolphin & whalewatch rafting tour.

Year round whale and dolphin watching as we head out to look for the spinner, spotted, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, and seasonally humpback whales. Our crew are trained marine mammal naturalist guides and will make your trip both fun and educational for the whole family.

Cruise the shoreline in our state of the art adventure rafts with small personal groups (6-12 pax) and view sea caves and lava tubes on the way to snorkel the marine sanctuary at Kealakekua Bay and the Place of Refuge. Our snorkel boats all have shade canopies in case your having too much fun in too much sun!

All of our Kona snorkel tours are timed so we are snorkeling both bays before the crowds get there! We launch from Keauhou Bay.

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Snorkel" page for trip details, or click the button below to book online now:




“Manta & Sunset Snorkel” 

Watch the beautiful Kona sun set into the sea and then slip in and view the magnificent Kona Manta Rays. 


Small intimate private charters up to 6 people. 

$750. + tax .





Ever dream of swimming eye to eye with dolphins?
Dolphin Discoveries offers Dolphin Swim tours daily on the Big Island of Hawaii. Swim with dolphins in Kona, Hawaii with the first company to swim with wild dolphins on the Big Island. Dolphin Discoveries pioneered dolphin swim tours in the early 1990's and have worked on writing guidelines which set the standards for sustainable dolphin swim tours in Hawaii.
Their passion and love for the spinner dolphins has resulted in them offering a dolphin swim adventure that is a special, unique experience that will stay in your heart and live in your memory for a lifetime! Swimming with wild dolphins in Kona, Hawaii can quite possibly be the most memorable experience of your life!

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Dolphins" page for details or use the button below to book a Dolphin Swim:


neAli'i Adventure! 

Dolphin Discoveries is very excited to bring you a new 5 hour ocean expedition tour focusing on Kona's best snorkel sites, shoreline exploration and wildlife encounters

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Nothing can quite prepare you for the feeling of awe that comes when you see your first (or 100th!!) humpback whale! Our whalewatch adventure tour will take you to see these magnificent whales that come to our Kona Coast each winter to give birth, nurture their young, and breed. Small personal groups ensure great views and photo ops! And our state of the art hydrophone system will broadcast the whales singing, live and in person!
Our crew are trained marine mammal naturalists guides and will make this a fun and educational whale watch tour for everyone.

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What People Are Saying...

“Totally, totally awesome adventure!”
-Travel_fuel, Alaska

“Could not have been better!!”
- Gary, Edmonton, Canada

“great experience”
- Traveler3, Wisconsin

“Relalxed atmosphere, knowledgeable crew, great snorkeling,
and some play time with dophins - great!”

- Katya, Seattle

“Great snorkel trip to Captain Cook”
- Fla2tex, Florida

“Absolutely worth every dollar”
-Crystal5, Oregon

“Wonderful snorkel tour”
-piglet52, Illinois

“Best thing we did on The Big Island”
- Kiwic, New Zealand


Our 3rd year in a row for certificate of excellence with Trip Advisor!





Looking for a nice , quiet, inexpensive vacation rental accommodation to stay in while in Kona? Our rental is located within walking distance to beaches, restaurants, etc.
One of the best vacation rental values in Keauhou-Kona!

Check out our “
Vacation Rental Ohana


Captains Courageous! :)
Dolphin Discoveries
is the result of Captains Kevin & Claudia Merrill's love of the ocean and the wonderful animals that live within.

The Merrill's have lived in Kona since the 1980's and for years have been studying and photographing the marine mammals in Kona as well as the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Tonga, the Cook Islands and New Zealand. Their special interest is with the Spinner Dolphins, Pilot Whales, Bottlenose and Spotted dolphins, Green Sea turtles as well as seasonal Humpback Whales. They offer a unique learning adventure to observe and learn about dolphins, whales and other marine life that goes far beyond the ordinary tourist boat.


It is our hope, that the more people learn about the dolphins and whales, the more they will love them, and do what they can to protect them

See Nature as it was meant to be...
Wild & Free






Opposition to NOAA proposal to alter the MMPA

If you have ever experienced the pleasure of watching a pod of Spinner Dolphins approach your boat  to ride the bow wake and felt the joy it brings when these social animals choose to come interact with boaters, swimmers, surfers, kayakers, stand up paddle boarders, etc.
PLEASE take a moment to submit public comment to oppose the newly proposed law by NOAA.
They are seeking to make it against the law to view these beautiful social mammals by any distance closer than 50 YDS!  
Testimony  is extremely important if you would like to continue to offer your guests a wonderful, educational, respectful chance to experience Hawaii’s dolphins in the wild, in their natural environment, rather than the alternative of viewing captive dolphins in a hotel pool or marine park. 
People protect what they love, and they learn to love through personal experiences where they learn respect and are educated about the behavior of these social animals.

People are yearning to be closer to nature and if not given the opportunity to do so in a respectful, sustainable way, they will do it on their own without education.

Spinner Dolphins are not  an endangered species and while we do believe that they need protection from harm or disruption from their daily rest periods, we don’t believe our right to swim in our oceans should be a criminal offense by what some believe “MAY Possibly” stress resting pods of spinner dolphins.

Please submit public testimony at one of the following links. The more input they get, the better chance of retaining our rights to continue to  swim with and view these beautiful social marine mammals. 
At the very least please support comments

for ALTERNATIVE 1 - No New Regulations. Comments and questions are taken much more seriously, such as:
It would be helpful to ask for a 90 day extension on input period and to request proof of any studies done that prove that the population of spinner dolphins in Hawaii is stressed by or populations are put at risk by dolphin swim/viewing activities.






Call Direct for Reservations: (8AM - 6PM HST)



(808) 322-8000
fax: 322-4030

Call Direct 8:00 am – 6:00 pm HST

Book Online

E-mail: DolphinDiscoveries@aloha.net



Directions to Keauhou Bay:
From the traffic light at the airport, head south for another 12 miles. You are looking for a traffic light on Hwy 11 at Kamehameha III, turn right on Kam III so you are heading down towards the ocean, go to the 2nd traffic light (not the first light) and turn LEFT on Alii. Then you will go approx. one mile to a traffic light, turn RIGHT on Kaleiopapa St., pass the sign for the Sheraton, then straight til you see the ocean and the BOAT LAUNCH RAMP area (across from the public restrooms). You will check in with the crew at the picnic table in front of the restrooms across from the boat ramp area.
Check in is at 7:30 am for am tour, 12:00 noon for pm tour.

From Resorts on Alii Dr. - head south to traffic light at Keauhou Shopping center, turn right at light to stay on Alii, then continue on for one more mile to 2nd traffic light at Kaleiopapa St., turn right, and as above, go down to Boat Launch Ramp, check in with capt. & crew.

Street parking by the sign for the Sheraton across from boat trailer parking area.

Please do not leave valuables in car, bring on boat with you.

Please bring a towel, cameras and sunscreen with you.

Remember we do have a 48 hour cancelation
policy for refunds and 7 days for private charters.

*There is a 10% fee for cancellations made prior to 48 hour or 7 day limit.

Our "Web Specials" only apply to reservations made prior to 48 hours in advance of your trip. ~ Mahalo!


Sounds of Humpbacks

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